Visiting Zoagli in the Gulf of Tigullio

A must-see location in the Gulf of Tigullio is definitely Zoagli

The itinerary can easily be done by train to avoid the stress of parking, the station is in the center of town; but outside of the “highest” season, a car is recommended.



The views as you drive along the Ruta di Camogli (the road from Recco to Santa Margherita Ligure) and the section between Rapallo and Chiavari are not to be missed, especially towards evening.

Take your time and leave the highway to the truckers.

The heart of Zoagli is the small square with the fountain; characterizing the panorama is the railroad bridge that towers above everything, beyond the bridge the beach and the promenade among the rocks.

This is all Zoagli is about, one of many charming little places to visit.

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