Lodge Tent M&M Dowble

1-4 persons
The word glamping is a combination of the words glamour and camping; tourists who decide to sleep in a glamping tent are looking for an experience, they want to stay outdoors but they want to have all the comforts they would find in a hotel room. So yes, a tent, but with all the comforts of a bungalow: comfortable beds, bathroom with shower, kitchenette, refrigerator, and much more. Not a tent with iron poles or fiberglass, but a structure which is dominated by wood: the smell of wood and the harmony of forms in an exclusively handcrafted product, a singular accommodation that may seem spartan but is in fact absolutely comfortable. Our tent is called “M&M Double Lodge” and is produced for us by Crippa Concept company, but why is it called Double? Because it is a double-volume equipped tent that has two floors, each floor measuring about 15m². On the ground floor, one room is dedicated to the living room, finely furnished and equipped with a kitchenette, chair and tables for dining; in front of the tent is a platform with an open sitting area for guests to relax. At the rear of the tent is the bathroom area; the bathroom is equipped with a shower, ceramic sink complete with mixing faucet, and water closet with integrated cistern. The ground floor also has a double bed. Upstairs a large master bedroom. The upstairs room can, if necessary, transform into a bedroom with two single beds. See more information about the Glamping M&M Double Lodge tents.

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