Sentieri e percorsi trekking

Numerosi sono gli itinerari a piedi che puoi percorrere partendo dal Camping Mare Monti, alcuni a Sestri Levante altri nell’immediato entroterra ed ancora nei comuni vicini. Per darti qualche suggerimento scrivo questo elenco ed alcune informazioni sui sentieri che meglio conosco, in ogni caso, presso la nostra recption, sono disponibili mappe aggiornate dei sentieri della zona.

Punta Baffe


You can reach Punta Baffe directly from Mare Monti Campground with a three-hour trip (round trip).
Climb for about a kilometer along Via Aurelia, passing the Kontiki restaurant and continuing further until you see an indication on the right for Villa Casaggiori, from where you continue along the path indicated with symbols and signs until you reach the Punta Baffe tower.
The Punta Baffe tower, dating from Roman times, was used to spot Saracen pirates coming in from the sea to plunder the coast; from there you have a beautiful view.
Before the tower you will find the path and indication for Monte Moneglia from where you can continue to Moneglia and then return to Trigoso by train or go down to Valle Grande for a swim.
Just before the tower on the left starts the trail that descends to Riva Trigoso, from there you can reach the village, the sea and the campsite by climbing the slopes of Bracco.
The stretch from the Mare Monti Campground to the Saracen Tower can also be traveled by mountain bike.

The Sea and Mountains Hiking Loop

The section of railroad tunnel connecting Framura and Levanto, which collapsed in many sections during World War II, was unusable for many years. Recently the tunnel has been reopened for pedestrians and bicycles only, so it is possible to walk or cycle through the tunnel between Framura and Bonassola and between Bonassola and Levanto. Part of the excursion takes place inside the tunnel and part in outside sections overlooking the sea, the journey is very picturesque.

Punta Manara

You can reach it from Riva Trigoso via the stairway at San Bartolomeo or going up towards Villa Ginestra or from the narrow alleyway (caruggio) of Sestri Levante going up a small road on the left where there is a sign for the hotel VIS a VIS.
Starting from the Mare Monti Campsite descend the Via Aurelia to Riva Trigoso. When you reach the bridge with the sea in front of you, turn left towards Riva Vecchia and continue to San Bartolomeo della Ginestra in the direction of Sestri Levante, from here you go up to the tip and then descend again in the caruggio of Sestri Levante and return by train or bus from Sestri.
You can also take the itinerary in reverse.
From Punta Manara you can descend to a cove on the sea side of Riva Trigoso reachable only by the trail or by sea.
The naturalistic aspect is worth mentioning: from Sestri Levante part of the trail passes among imposing holm oaks and centuries-old cork trees.

In the valleys behind us

The Petronio valley is rich in nature trails and itineraries, many of which enjoy stupendous sea views that expand as we ascend the slope of our hills until we arrive at points with truly striking views from above.
For example, on the mountains above Bargone in the direction of Passo del Bocco on Mount Tregin and from Rocca Grande there are truly stunning postcard views of Sestri Levante.

In the vicinity

Definitely the Cinque Terre, of course the Portofino mountain, the surroundings of Portovenere but don’t forget stretches of lesser-known but equally beautiful coastal paths such as Framura, Deiva Marina or even Levanto Monterosso; not to mention the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.

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