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    many services completely free


The Mare Monti Camp site offers its guests many and totally free facilities:

Tourist info: each guest will be given a map of the area and a series of information concerning the biggest tourist neighbouring destinations.

Swimming pool: the camp site has two swimming pools; a big one, 18 metres long and 8 metres wide, and one for the babies. The big swimming pool has a difference in height that changes from 1.5 metres to max 3 metres. It ‘mandatory use of a headset.

Volleyball camp: completely enclosed so that the ball can’t go outside, it has a layer made of thin sand to simulate the beach volley.

Hot showers: our 21 hot free showers have a timer system: each user has available 4 real minutes of water with the possibility to interrupt the jet by pushing a control put inside the shower. In this way, apart from avoiding useless waste of the most precious resource in nature, it’s also possible to avoid long waitings. If you want, always having respect for other users, at the end of the shower you can use the service again.

Hot water and cold water: sinks and washbasins have hot and cold water. The water is drinkable throughout the campsite, each pitch has a washbasin with cold and drinkable water.

Car: The car entrance is prohibited by the hours are 24 to 7 in the months of June, July and August in the remaining months of the 23 at 7 am also in the months of July and August the car entrance is not allowed from midnight to 7.00 a.m. Each user has the right to have a car place included in the daily rate; sometimes it will be adjacent to the emplacement, sometimes it could be max 100 metres away.

Check in/check out: The reception is open at the following times 8-13; 15-19.30 in some periods 21.30-23. At other times or in case of temporary closing staff is available after calling facility.

Shuttle to the seaside: during peak periods, usually August and part of July, is available a shuttle service to the seaside, that allows our guests to reach the near beach of Riva Trigoso in few minutes, the service may vary.

Wi-Fi internet connection: on the whole area the wi-fi internet connection is available: it is enough to have a portable computer with this technology.

Barbecue: there are two barbecues for our guests, the barbecue in the pitch is forbidden.

Pets: dogs and pets are welcome.

Electricity: 6A without extra money.

WC for disabled persons: in accordance with the law.

Party: in the month of August, and on some weekends in July will be organized dancing and entertainment without pretending to carry out periodic animation.

Moreover the camp site has: a bar, a mini-market and a laundry.

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